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How To Lose Weight From Face With The #1 Best Way

How To Lose Weight From Face With The #1 Best Way

Posted by PM Admin on Apr-23-21

Practicing a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating habits and exercise will help you lose weight from the face and other parts of the body. It is definitely possible to lose the fat on your face using cardio, aerobic, and other physical activities that melt away excessive fat. This is because the body can burn fat stored in any body part when it needs additional energy.

The best results are possible by including the loss of fat from your face as part of a larger weight loss program for the entire body. This includes using portion control in addition to regular exercise.

Some people try to lose weight from their face or "double-chin" by performing several exercises, including neck stretches, puck ups, ball exercises, and bottom jaw juts.  Using specific exercises like these can have positive results depending on the intensity with which you do them. There is definitely no need to try crazy methods like chewing gum excessively.

Other people opt for facial surgery; however, this can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary. It is also possible for the fat to return after surgery if you do not change your diet. Weight loss supplements are a fantastic choice if you want to start losing weight from your face and other parts of the body.

What Causes Face Fat?

Understanding exactly what causes face fat is the first important step in successfully learning how to lose fat from the face. Face fat occurs when you gain weight. It happens when you overeat or lose control of your diet by eating larger amounts of food than necessary without burning away unwanted calories.   

Excess fat in the facial area can also be genetic, but this is typically more noticeable by roundedness in the face, not excessive fat.  Nevertheless, people with round faces need to avoid excessive fats and carbs and eat balanced diets to avoid excessive fat deposits on the face because it can become easily noticeable.

When you eat, the body will process and store excess food without any activity in the body. One of the areas this fat is stored is within the face.  Fat is deposited at a higher rate when you consume some foods, especially sugary, fatty junk foods. However, different bodies have different ways of storing fats.

Some store more fats in the hips, thighs, and buttocks, while others store more fats on the stomachs than other regions. Still, other bodies store more fat on the chins and face than others. In many cases, the body will store fats in multiple locations, only that some areas may be more preferable and less noticeable than others.

While you cannot change the shape of your face or your genetics, in many cases, you can change the amount of fat you carry, even reducing the amount of fat you have in your face. 

how to lose face fat

Is It Possible To Lose Face Fat?

The best way to lose face fat is by adopting a weight loss program that targets the entire body to lose weight.  This can include specific activities that increase jaw and chin exercises.  However, it is most important to give special attention to your workout and practice portion control while eating.

Starting with the diet, be keen on what you stop eating because you might end up losing muscles as you reduce calories. Keep in mind that it is possible to achieve lean muscles while still cutting down fats. 

In most cases, eating adequate amounts of protein and substituting unhealthy fat sources with better alternatives like avocados, salmon, egg yolks, olives, chia seeds, nuts, sunflower seeds, and peanut butter. You will also need to reduce your intake of unhealthy fat sources like fatty meat cuts, butter, ghee, sausages, pies, cream, ice cream, chocolate confectionery, snacks, biscuits, cakes, and pastries.

Learning how to lose weight from face will also require getting a good idea of the number of calories you need per day to lose weight.  Your caloric intake will depend on your gender, weight, and activity level.

Generally, active women require 2,400 calories per day compared to men's 3,000 calories. This is for the category aged 26 to 30 years. Inactive women in the same age bracket need only 1,800 calories, while those moderately active require 2,000 calories per day. 

The number of calories a person needs also depends on their health, stress levels, hormonal changes, and other factors. Keep in mind these are just recommendations.  The most accurate way to ensure you lose weight is to control portions while eating.  The easiest way to do so is by using the Portions Master Portion Control Plate.

What Causes Fat Loss?

To learn how to lose weight from face, you need to understand that fat loss occurs when the body breaks down existing fat and burns more calories than it consumes. If you already have a fatty face, then exercises that boost your metabolic rates will help. These types of exercises force the body to break down the excess fat to produce the energy needed for these activities. It is also necessary to be aware of the types of foods you eat and practice portion control.

However, once the excess amount of fat is lost from the face or other body parts, the habits you have developed can help you control to prevent the fat from returning.  Most people already know this, but fat can return faster if individuals are yo-yo dieting or inconsistent for long periods of time.

Portion Control and the Portions Master

The Portion Master Adjustable Portion Control Plate helps people to stay healthy by making it easy to lose or add weight.  Individuals can easily adjust the portion sizes within the plate for protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables according to individual needs.

The Portion Plate has five adjustable goal weights.  Adjust the dial to your desired goal weight and place it on the eating plate.  Next, fill the appropriate sections with proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables.  Lastly, lift the Portion Plate to remove it from the eating plate to consume the exact macros needed to reach the desired body weight.  We want to eliminate dieting by offering quality products that help make it as easy as possible for individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Many people find it hard to adopt a strict diet because figuring out the exact amount they need to eat to achieve their weight goals can be confusing. Plus, there is the added difficulty of planning meals.

The Portion Control Plate eliminates the need for you to keep counting calorie consumption every meal.  Most people will eat a bigger portion of what is available to them.  Portion size is one of the main problems concerning weight gain because most of it results from overeating carbohydrates and junk foods.

Using the adjustable portion control plate allows you to plan your meals because you must use all components needed for your healthy lifestyle. You will also know exactly how to eat according to your daily nutrition needs and weight loss goals.

For those using the portion control technique to lose weight from face, you can try including some healthy sources of fat discussed above. Other things to consider include aloe vera shown in studies to give facial elasticity, drinking milk, and adequate water.

Additional Methods to Use alongside Portion Control to 

It is best to use portion control methods, cardio, and aerobic exercises to lose face fat effectively. Studies also show that it is possible to improve your facial rejuvenation via facial muscle exercises. You can try facial yoga in combination with portion control, aerobic, and cardio exercises if searching for information on how to reduce face fat. Facial yoga includes cheek muscle exercises by pursing your lips together, lifting the cheeks to the top with fingers, or blowing air naturally in your mouth and holding for some time.

30 minutes of moderate to vigorous cardio exercises like biking, dancing, walking, or swimming. However, you can also start slow with activities such as walking.  Many experts suggest using cardio and aerobic exercises to boost your heart and metabolic rates.

When your metabolic rates increase, the body starts to burn more fat stored in the body, searching for extra energy. This is indeed one of the most effective weight loss methods that can work well with diet control techniques like portion control. With these two methods, you can lose excess fat from the face and body while consuming adequate energy sources to avoid straining your body.