The Best Fast Absorbing Protein + 12 Health Benefits

The Best Fast Absorbing Protein + 12 Health Benefits

Posted by PM Admin on Mar-24-21

If you are looking to fast-track recovery, stay fuller for longer, or build muscle while you sleep from your protein powder, it is important to choose the right protein type. Ideally, during digestion, proteins are broken down into amino acids. These simplest forms of proteins are then delivered to muscles to repair and support new muscle tissues' growth.

Different proteins have different breakdown rates. Therefore, the time taken to deliver them to muscles may vary significantly. This is where slow and fast absorbing proteins are a factor for weight loss and muscle growth.

Whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein, which is why it dominates the supplement world as a go-to post-workout formula. Whey protein powder is so popular because it is effective, convenient, and often very tasty. But with so many whey variants of whey protein concentrates and whey protein isolates, you can easily get confused when looking for a healthy protein that is friendly to your lean diet and lifestyle.

In this article, we will look at CFM whey protein isolate and its benefits. In the end, you'll learn how you can use it as a dietary supplement to help you support weight loss, improve muscle protein synthesis, and promote the growth of lean muscle mass.

What Is CFM Whey Protein?

CFM whey isolate is a fast-absorbing protein that is processed mechanically under low temperatures to remove unwanted fats, sugars, and impurities. The concept of cold-processed protein powder production revolves around a low-temperature processing environment from the farm to packaging.

Cold-processed whey protein is never exposed to high temperatures that can damage or alter the fragile micro and macronutrients in whey. So, the final product has all the nutrients and vitamins preserved.

CFM whey isolate is the cleanest form of whey protein, preserving up to 90 percent protein in every serving. To achieve this level of protein concentration, a process known as cross-flow microfiltration (CFM) is used to isolate whey from its concentrate.  With this in mind, cold-processed protein such as Portions Master CFM Whey Isolate Protein is superior to other protein powders because of the high proteins and nutrients content per serving. To put this into perspective, Portions Master CFM Whey Isolate Protein has a whopping 24 grams of fast absorbing protein in every scoop.

If you are looking for a fast absorbing protein supplement to use between meals to support your weight loss efforts and muscle growth, Portions Master CFM Whey Protein is the perfect choice for you. It is ideal for healthy living, sports nutrition, or any level of fitness training.

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Why Is CFM Whey Isolate A Fast Absorbing Protein

Whey protein isolate is gentle on your digestion system and absorbs faster. In fact, many users report no digestive problems such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea which are common with whey protein concentrates.  Because the cross-flow microfiltration process does not use any chemicals and heat, proteins' structural integrity is maintained, and all the nutrients are left in their original state. As a result, you get whey protein isolate rich in different proteins and calcium that adds to its appeal. 

Whey protein isolate can be manufactured using different methods such as cross-flow microfiltration and ion exchange whey isolate.  CFM is a low-temperature, chemical-free manufacturing process that helps remove large fat, lactose, and other unwanted particles. This high-tech manufacturing process uses ceramic filters to isolate vital amino acids and vitamins from other unwanted materials.

Unfiltered Whey protein is first fed into a cross-flow microfiltration chamber under pressure. The feed flows across the ceramic filter membrane, where two streams are generated. One of the streams contains the protein-rich filtrate, which passes through the membrane, while the other retentate stream is the concentrate which contains larger unwanted particles that could not pass through the ceramic filters.

 CFM Whey Isolate Protein is the cleanest, fast absorbing protein, and most nutrient-rich supplement. And the secrete lies in the production process!  Portions Master CFM Isolate Protein is processed through the cross-flow microfiltration (CFM) process that preserves and protects the protein from damages, so you get the most benefit from every scoop.

Fast Absorbing Protein Benefits

Perhaps the most outstanding benefit of fast absorbing protein made using cold-processing is that the supplement is chockfull of pure, high-quality protein and nutrients levels in each scoop. The delicate cross-flow microfiltration process delivers up to 90% fast-absorbing proteins that are easily absorbed to the body for optimum muscle growth and repair.

Its, therefore, no surprise that Portions Master CFM Whey Isolate Protein is superior to other whey products, making it a go-to source of protein for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, high-intensity athletes, and even people who want to optimize their diet.

12 Benefits Of CFM Whey Isolate Protein:

  • Supports weight loss
  • Promotes muscle growth & repair
  • Delivers higher amounts of clean protein profile
  • More calcium and low sodium
  • Boost metabolism
  • Superfast absorption rate
  • Perfect (1.00) digestibility of the essential amino acids (DIAAs)
  • Low carbohydrate and fat content
  • High in amino acid content
  • Easy to mix
  • Superior taste
  • No added sugar

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What Are The Best Times To Take Fast Absorbing Protein:

  • Breakfast to replenish protein levels in your body
  • Before training to amp your protein nutrition without you feeling heavy
  • Post work to help replenish proteins necessary for muscle recovery
  • Before sleep to help you sleep without any feeling of heaviness that may interfere with your sleep
  • In between meals to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, stabilize body sugar levels, and help maintain high energy levels throughout the day
  • Mealtime

What are some of the benefits to expect from Portions Master CFM Whey Protein?

  • Possesses more calcium and less sodium than other whey proteins
  • Extremely digestible
  • A higher amount of BCAA's derived from essential amino acids
  • Great taste and mixability
  • Ecological and sustainable
  • 0 grams of fats per scoop
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • No preservatives
  • Hormone-free
  • Produced with the CFM process
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Banned substance free
  • Zero added sugar

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Check Out Portions Master CFM Whey Protein Isolate

The Bottom Line?

CFM Whey Protein is an excellent source for high-quality, fast absorbing protein that can help fast track your health and fitness goals.  CFM Whey Protein can help you if you are looking to build muscle, lose weight sustainably, or simply lead a lean, healthy lifestyle that keeps you feeling good about your body.

At Portions Master, we understand the importance of healthy, all-natural dietary alternatives that deliver consistent results. We specialize in providing unique, scientifically-backed products and supplements that support healthy living. If you're looking to up your protein intake, try our Portions Master CFM Whey Isolate Protein that is loaded with essential amino acids, including leucine and cysteine.