#1 Best Protein For Weight Loss | Ultra-Low Calorie & Fat

#1 Best Protein For Weight Loss | Ultra-Low Calorie & Fat

Posted by PM Admin on Mar-30-21

How do you choose the best protein for weight loss? There are so many protein supplements available. Each has different ingredients and characteristics. It can be confusing to pick the right one for you.

Here's a quick list of the features that should be your focus:

  1. Choose a protein supplement that is free of chemicals, preservatives, additives, and sugar.
  2. Pick a protein supplement that's nutritious enough to help you get through your workouts and other daily tasks.
  3. Finally, pick a supplement that you'll actually want to drink.

CFM protein, which stands for cross-flow microfiltration, uses natural filters to separate fat, protein, and lactose from each other. There are no harsh chemicals added.  CFM protein isolate powders are the most natural protein supplements, free from unnecessary calories and unwanted ingredients.  CFM whey is the best protein for weight loss to supplement with help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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How Does Protein Help You Lose Weight?

Protein supports weight loss in a few ways. First, it makes you feel fuller. Protein takes longer to digest than other kinds of nutrients. So, your body works on it for a longer time. Meanwhile, the amount of hunger hormone your body produces decreases because you're still actively digesting.

Digestion requires energy. As your body is absorbing, it's using energy. Somewhere between 5% and 15% of the energy in carbs and fat is burned up during digestion. Protein requires up to 35% of its calories just to digest it. So, you're reducing the net calories you consume when you eat more protein.

Protein also slows down the absorption of sugar. You won't have any blood sugar spikes or dips if you add more protein to your diet. And you'll also find that the corresponding carb cravings go away too. No cravings mean less temptation to cheat.

In short, using the best protein for weight loss can help individuals reduce the number of calories they consume. Some studies show that just by eating 30% of your calories as protein, you can reduce your calorie intake by 100 calories per day. That's reason enough to add more protein to your diet.

How Much Protein Per Day to Lose Weight?

To determine how much protein per day to lose weight you should consume, use this 30% ratio to determine your daily protein intake. Each gram of protein has four calories. About 30% of your calories should come from protein to get you into the weight loss zone. So, if you eat 2,000 calories per day, you will need about 600 protein calories each day. Just use your daily calorie goal and the 30% ratio to estimate how much protein you need.

You can also estimate the amount of protein you should eat based on your activity level. If you don't hit the gym hard, about 1 gram per pound should be enough. If you are a heavy exerciser, aim for 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Using this method, a 150-pound person would need about 150 grams per day if not exercising and 250-300 if they hit the gym.

Which Protein Powder Is Best for Weight Loss?

CFM whey isolate protein powder is the best protein powder for weight loss. First, it is a complete protein because it is produced from milk. The microfiltration process removes most fat and lactose, along with their calories. Plus, quality CFM Whey does not include chemicals, which makes it easy to digest. CFM whey protein powders are the healthiest on the market.

Getting 300 grams of protein means up to 1,200 calories per day, just from protein. If you're taking in that many calories, you need to be sure you're using them efficiently. Look for a supplement that gets you protein as efficiently as possible.

Start by looking for a protein powder with 15 or more grams of protein per serving with fewer than 120 calories. A calorie efficient supplement is less likely to include additives, preservatives, and calorie-dense sweeteners. But check the label to be sure.

Also, check the label to verify that your supplement is a complete protein. You need a supplement that includes all nine essential amino acids. Whey protein and other animal proteins do. But most single plant-based proteins do not. If you're looking for a vegetarian protein, look for a blend of ingredients that covers all nine essential amino acids.

Don't forget about taste and consistency. You won't get the benefit of a high-quality supplement if you hate taking it. Ensure the flavor and thickness of the drink are something you will enjoy drinking several times per day.

Portions Master CFM Whey Isolate Protein takes CFM whey protein to a new level.  The CFM process uses low-temperature filtration to prevent damaging the protein. Just like heat breaks down food when cooked, heat also breaks down protein. Damaged protein is less nourishing to the body. CFM whey protein retains the highest protein quality while also practically eliminating all fats and carbohydrates.

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What's the Best Time to Drink A Protein Shake for Weight Loss?

Many people take a protein supplement several times a day, depending on their goals. You can use your protein powder to get nutrition while curbing hunger. Or you may take your supplement to boost your body's performance. When you take your protein will vary based on these goals.

If you're a big snacker or experience a lot of cravings, take your supplement when you just start to feel hungry. Or use it as a bridge to the next meal. This additional protein will keep your body fortified with good calories and help you avoid junk food.

Probably the most common way to use a protein powder is as a pre-workout snack. Take your supplement a few hours before your workout. If you go to the gym in the morning, take your supplement before bed. If you hit the weights in the evening, take your supplement around mid-morning.

Another benefit of taking your protein in the morning is that it boosts your metabolism throughout the day. You'll burn about 100 extra calories per day without losing muscle-this will also help your body to experience fewer cravings.


Getting fit is challenging. Protein supplements are a great tool to support you along the way. They will help you maintain muscle, reduce hunger, and boost your metabolism. Use Portions Master's unique and scientifically validated CFM whey protein isolate to achieve and maintain the healthy lifestyle you want.

Check Out Portions Master CFM Whey Protein Isolate

CFM Whey Isolate Protein is made using this process and is the best protein for weight loss to supplement with.  It's healthy to use every day. There are 24 grams of protein per serving, but only 100 calories per scoop. With no added sugar and amazing flavors, it can help you power through your day.

If you choose your protein supplement correctly, it will be an essential part of your weight loss routine. The best protein powder for weight loss should be high in protein, low in fats & carbohydrates, and provide plenty of fuel to help you burn calories and curb cravings.  CFM whey is a versatile protein powder supplement that can support your fitness goals and help you to lose weight.