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The Easiest Bariatric Plate To Use For Accurate Portion Control

The Easiest Bariatric Plate To Use For Accurate Portion Control

Posted by Portions Master on 16th Jun 2020

If you recently underwent bariatric surgery or are preparing for one, portion control is not a foreign concept. The challenge is making sure you get the correct amount of food in each meal to ensure weight loss. Choosing the right tools, like a bariatric plate can help simplify the already stressful process.

It is no secret that your ability to apply portion control to your eating habits is a great contributor to the success of your health goals.

Bariatric surgery, both by restrictive and mixed technique, requires a reduction in daily caloric intake compatible with the reduction of the gastric pouch.

The everyday life of the patients should be simplified with a more easily understandable way of composing their daily meals. - SciELO

Simply put, the easier portion control is, the better off you will be.

Bariatric Portion Control

Understanding Bariatric Portion Control

Portion control is the practice of determining the amount of food necessary to avoid under or overeating.

For bariatric patients, consuming the right foods, in the right amounts is critical to success.  After surgery, your capacity to consume and digest large quantities of food has been significantly reduced.

After weight-loss surgery, you generally won't be allowed to eat for one to two days so that your stomach and digestive system can heal. Then, you'll follow a specific diet for a few weeks. The diet begins with liquids only, then progresses to pureed, very soft foods, and eventually to regular foods. – Mayo Clinic

Beginning the process of developing the right habits pre and post-bariatric surgery is imperative to a patient’s long-term health.

Bariatric surgery patients should work together with their physician as diet recommendations will vary with everyone. However, most patients will progress through the following stages:

  • Liquids
  • Pureed Foods / Protein Shakes
  • Soft Foods
  • Solid Foods

Bariatric portion control is typically based on the following recommendations:

  • Eat and drink slowly
  • Keep meal sizes small
  • Stay fully hydrated
  • Chew completely and thoroughly
  • Consume high-protein foods
  • Supplement with necessary vitamins and minerals

As your dietary schedule normalizes including healthy foods like proteins, fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates in the right amounts will help ensure your success.

Bariatric Tips

How Weight Gain Occurs After Bariatric Surgery

A recent study revealed that the most common reason for weight-gain in bariatric surgery patients boiled down to their behaviors, including eating habits.

No matter what type of bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, lap band, and others) as a patient, it is important to recognize that the procedure is one of many tools that can help you.

It’s not a magic wand, you have to eat healthy foods, follow the bariatric protocol for nutrition and stay active, or the disease and its comorbidities will recur. – Dr. Lillian Craggs

Therefore, using a bariatric plate like the Portions Master Plate as an additional resource to aid in your weight loss journey can be a wise choice.

Is A Portion Control Plate Right For Your Weight Loss Journey?

Over-eating is easy to do because it can be difficult figuring out how much to eat... counting calories can be confusing and weighing your food takes time.

The Portion Master approach makes achieving your fitness goals easier. This unique plate can be used by people who want to lose weight or maintain current fitness levels.

Like every other area of life: when you work the plan, the plan will work.

Selecting a bariatric plate should be based on two things:

1. Forming healthy habits 

2. The plate’s accuracy and effectiveness

The Portion Master Plate trains you to eat healthy portion sizes by specifying exactly how much food to eat at each meal.

Are You Ready To Simplify Portion Control?

Portion Control Plate 

The Portion Control Plate That Helps You Lose Weight

  • Ensure you are eating the proper portion size for your desired weight goal
  • Achieve and maintain your weight loss goals faster
  • Eliminate calorie and points counting
  • Stop over-eating

How The Plate Works

  1. Adjust the plate to desired goal weight
  2. Fill specified section with proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates
  3. Lift portion plate and enjoy

portion plate


Long-lasting results are achieved by seeing the correct amount of food on your plate and reconditioning eating habits.

Instead of calculating the amount of calorie intake per food item, the Portions Master plate is designed to provide the correct volume of food for each food category. This system was developed in collaboration with nutritionists, dietitians, and health care professionals.

If you’re looking for a bariatric plate, we believe the Portions Master Plate can help you.

Cheering for you!