Portions Master Vitamin D-3 + K-2 Heart & Bones Support (90 Count)

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Boost brain power and mental health with Vitamin D3. Plus, sufficient Vitamin D3 levels in the body helps keep your immune system strong. Paired with Vitamin K2 to maximize the effect!

Supports Immune Health
Supports Bone Health
Supports Heart Health
Supports Mental Health
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D3 + K2

Discover Holistic Wellness with Portions Master Vitamin D-3 + K-2 Heart & Bones Support!

Our expertly crafted formula is designed to nourish your body with essential nutrients for robust bone, muscle, and heart health. Vitamin D3, the body's preferred form of Vitamin D, plays a pivotal role in the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus - critical minerals for maintaining bone density and cardiovascular health. However, with the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in many individuals, our supplement provides an effective way to ensure your body receives the necessary support it needs.

Moreover, by combining Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2, specifically Menaquinone-7 (MK-7), we've unlocked a powerful duo that enhances the benefits of both vitamins. This partnership not only improves calcium absorption but also directs it to where your body needs it the most: your bones. This means you get the dual advantage of fortified bones and a healthy heart, minimizing the risk of calcium deposition in arteries.

Key Features:

  1. Bone Health: Strengthen your skeletal system with optimal calcium absorption thanks to the Vitamin D3 and K2 combo. Enjoy the added benefits of MK-7, a form of Vitamin K that has been shown to support bone health in multiple studies.
  2. Heart Health: Protect your cardiovascular system with our formula that aids in preventing calcium deposition in the arteries, promoting a healthy heart.
  3. Muscle Function: Vitamin D3 is essential for muscle health, providing the necessary support for daily activities and overall mobility.
  4. Overcome Deficiency: Given the common deficiency of Vitamin D in many individuals, our supplement ensures you receive an adequate supply, boosting your overall health and well-being.


  • Synergistic Support: Maximize the benefits of Vitamin D3 and K2 for comprehensive health support, from bones to heart.
  • Enhanced Absorption: Our formula is designed for superior absorption, ensuring your body utilizes the nutrients effectively.
  • All-Round Health: Not just for bones, this supplement supports muscle function and cardiovascular health, contributing to a holistic wellness approach.
  • Premium Quality: Portions Master is committed to providing high-quality, reliable supplements that fit into your health regimen seamlessly.


Introducing Portions Master Vitamin D-3 + K-2 Heart & Bones Support, the ultimate supplement for enhancing your bone density, muscle health, and cardiovascular wellness. Our specialized blend of Vitamin D3 and K2, particularly Menaquinone-7 (MK-7), offers a comprehensive approach to health by improving calcium absorption and ensuring it's delivered where it's needed most.

With an emphasis on overcoming common deficiencies and maximizing the synergistic effects of these two vital nutrients, our formula is a cornerstone for anyone looking to support their body's foundation and promote overall well-being. Trust Portions Master to provide you with a premium supplement that complements your health-conscious lifestyle.


10 Reviews

  • It helps!

    Posted by Kara P. on 31st Aug 2022

    Helped with my brain fog. Recommended

  • Good supplement

    Posted by Maria S. on 31st Aug 2022

    I use this once a day to keep my Vitamin D levels up.

  • Back in stock!

    Posted by Jack L. on 31st Aug 2022

    I'm glad this is back in stock!

  • Suggested by my doctor

    Posted by Shirley on 31st Aug 2022

    My doctor recommended this to me. I can see why now. Good product

  • No more brain fog!

    Posted by Kate on 31st Aug 2022

    I can't get enough of these. I'm glad they've restocked this!

Portions Master Vitamin D-3 + K-2 Heart & Bones Support (90 Count)