Portions Master Vegan Collagen Builder Salted Caramel

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The presence of pollutants within our environment takes a toll on our collagen reserves, necessitating its replenishment. Most collagen supplements available today are sourced from animals utilizing their bones, skin, and connective tissue. However, considering that our bodies are naturally equipped to produce collagen there is no need to consume collagen derived from animals. Vegan Collagen Builder presents a plant-based alternative, specifically designed to stimulate your body's innate collagen production. It's an inside-out solution, focusing on enhancing your natural collagen synthesis.

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Portions Master's Vegan Collagen Builder is formulated with a combination of natural collagen enchancing superfoods together with organic plant proteins to create a collagen builder to help your body generate the collagen it needs naturally.

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1 Review

  • Vegan

    Posted by Tyler H. on 17th Aug 2023

    Best Vegan Collagen builder I've had!

Portions Master Vegan Collagen Builder Salted Caramel