How The Plate Works



Easily Create Healthy Meals & Portion Sizes

Reaching your weight goals can be challenging. That's why at Portions Master, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to lose weight, get healthy, and stay fit. Portions Master has proven we can help you lose weight. We simplified how people can achieve their weight goals. We created a plate that helps people eat appropriate portion sizes to achieve and maintain weight goals. And, our unique plating system can help people who need to control existing health conditions or lose weight. And we feel pretty great about it!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Portions Master makes losing weight VERY simple... as simple as 1, 2, and 3!  At mealtimes, fill your Portions Master Plate sections with your favorite proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

Make working toward your weight goals easy with Portions Master.  Stop making separate meals and eat WITH your family!

Are you going out to dinner? Take the Portions Master Plate with you to enjoy your favorite foods with your favorite people.

It's simple - and it works! Now you can reach your goal weight with just one plate. The Portions Master Plate uses scientifically based calculations of the necessary nutrients and portion sizes to make losing weight easy.

No counting calories, no measuring cups, turn the weight goal dial to your goal weight, fill the portion slot, and you're on your way to a smaller you.

Introducing Portions Master, An Intelligent Approach To Eating! To get the most out of the Portions Master Plate, you'll want to follow our simple eating guidelines to ensure weight loss success. These guidelines require you to eat a designated amount of food at every meal. This intelligent plate makes it easy to divide your food into different food groups, which equals the right amount of food to achieve your goal weight.

Portions Master can also help you learn and practice healthy eating habits and portion control by providing the proper portion sizes for protein, greens, and carbohydrates. A balanced diet helps ensure you are consuming the right amount of nutrients needed to maintain your overall health.

Use The Portions Master Plate for every meal to:

  • Ensure you are eating the proper portion size for your desired weight goal
  • Achieve and maintain your weight loss goals faster
  • Eliminate calorie and points counting
  • Stop over-eating

Portions Master uses preset portion sizes for protein, carbohydrates, and greens according to your goal weight. Select your goal weight, fill in the portions with your favorite foods, and use the plate for three meals per day. With Portions Master – there are no counting calories, measuring food, or counting points so you can get the results you want as quickly as possible.

  • Portions Master is adjustable according to your goals so that you can get results perfectly tailored to your needs.
  • Scientifically researched portion sizes for protein, carbs, and vegetables so you can eat the foods you enjoy and still lose weight.
  • No more wasting money on 'fad' diets, programs, or memberships that promise great results but don't work.

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