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Helpful Probiotics Men Supplement For Weight Loss & Gut Health
Written by PM Admin - March 31, 2021

As men age, most start facing a multitude of health and wellness issues. At the top of the list of such issues are poor gut health and weight management problems.

According to CDC statistics, 42.4% of all male adults in the U.S. suffer from obesity. What’s more, the prevalence of obesity among adult males is 9.2% higher than that in women, and the problem begins early and picks among men aged 40 years and above.  Discover how using a helpful probiotics men supplement can improve your weight loss efforts and gut health.

Considering obesity is linked to many health problems ranging from heart disease to gallbladder disease, diabetes, and mental disorders (like anxiety and depression), it’s easy to see why weight and gut health-related problems leave many men feeling defeated, confused, hopeless, frustrated and apprehensive.  

What’s more, solutions like dieting and exercising no longer work for many men struggling with strict schedules characterized by time constraints. Resources can also make it challenging to maintain healthy diets. It’s also confusing and frustrating to count calories.

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Probiotics Mens Supplements For Weight Loss And Gut Health Problems

Probiotics (healthy bacteria) play a critical role in overall health and wellness. To understand how probiotics can help with men’s weight problems, it is important to know how probiotics men supplements are beneficial.

The reason men can’t seem to control their weight and gut health isn’t entirely because of overeating or living a sedentary lifestyle. Conventional weight loss and gut health solutions sometimes require additional support.

Weight loss can happen more efficiently. You can manage your weight easily and get rid of related problems like poor gut health by focusing on the root cause of these problems. You can start feeling great about yourself, regain your mental and physical strength and keep excess weight and related problems away in the long-term with ease.

Most weight and related health and wellness problems have an unlikely common denominator, and the solution is probiotics,  which are often more effective and cheaper than traditional alternatives.

Benefits Of Probiotics For Men

While probiotics offer benefits to both genders, below are 5 probiotics men supplement benefits.

Probiotics men supplements can regulate appetite and energy levels

Research studies show that men tend to have more energy requirements and higher appetite levels than women. Since probiotics have been found to regulate appetite and energy levels, it’s easy to see how they are beneficial to men trying to manage their weight and gut health.

According to studies, probiotics control appetite levels and energy usage in the body through the production of short-chain fatty acids (propionate, butyrate, and acetate), known to suppress appetite. This, in turn, forces the body to target stored fat as the main source of energy.

Probiotics also regulate appetite by releasing appetite-regulating hormones like GLP-1 (peptide-1 and PYY (peptide YY). Increased levels of appetite-regulating hormones have effects like reduced overeating and increased energy levels in the body resulting in fat loss.

Probiotics boost fat-regulating protein levels

Probiotics are also linked to increased fat-regulating protein levels in the body. Probiotics like Lactobacillus Paracasei have been found to boost angiopoietin-like 4 protein levels resulting in lower fat storage.

Probiotics improve gut lining health

There’s a link between chronic inflammation and obesity. Inflammatory gene variants have a role to play in obesity. By boosting gut lining health, probiotics reduce systemic inflammation-fighting obesity and gut-related problems.

Probiotics prevent weight gain in high-calorie/fat diets

Most conventional weight loss methods like exercising and dieting fail to work for many because they must be done continuously. Most people gain back weight after they stop exercising or dieting. Probiotics solve this problem by preventing weight gain.

Studies have shown how weight loss aided by probiotics is long-lived. Probiotics have been shown to prevent weight gain even if you increase calorie intake or eat a high-fat diet. Most importantly, weight gain is avoided without any changes in metabolism or insulin sensitivity. With probiotics, over-eating isn’t the reason you’ll be thrown off your weight loss goals.

Probiotics target belly fat and improve gut microflora

Belly fat is a serious problem among men, and probiotics have been linked to reduced belly fat. Probiotic Lactobacillus strains have been linked to reducing body and belly fat percentage by as much as 4% in 1.5 months.

The benefits of probiotics for men are clear. You stand to enjoy higher energy levels, reduced appetite, better weight management, improved gut health, reduced belly fat, among other health and wellness benefits by simply including probiotics in your nutrition.

There is evidence linking probiotics to all the above benefits. However, probiotic benefits can vary based on the type. Different probiotics offer different health benefits.

One of the best ways to consume probiotics is through supplements. However, the probiotic supplements you take matter! You need supplements that offer the perfect probiotic blend for your weight loss and wellness goals. Since there are countless supplements on sale today, what are the best probiotics for men’s weight loss and gut health?

Best Probiotics For Men’s Weight Loss

What is the best probiotic for men?

Probiotic supplements are made using several specially formulated strains of probiotics known to offer both weight loss and gut health benefits important for men’s health. Among the key probiotic strains in the supplement is Lactobacillus Rhamnosus has proven to offer digestive health benefits.

There are many probiotic brands out there, but one brand stands out the most for men – Portions Master Advanced Probiotics. Portion Masters Products are scientifically validated. The supplements are high-quality and proven to have weight and related benefits.

What’s more, Portion Master probiotic formula is potent with 5.75 billion CFU (colony-forming units) per serving. Supplements with low-dose probiotics aren’t effective.

Portion Master probiotics also have other notable advantages. For instance, they don’t require refrigeration making them easy to store and consume on the go. The supplements are also non-GMO and affordable.

Get a month’s supply of Portion Master’s Advanced Probiotic supplement and enjoy the health benefits of multiple probiotic strains all in one supplement.  You can also learn more about the best probiotics – Portion Master’s advanced probiotic capsules for weight loss and advanced benefits here.