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How It Works
Introducing Portions Master

Introducing Portions Master, An Intelligent Approach To Eating! To get the most out of your Portions Master you'll want to follow our simple eating guidelines to ensure weight loss success.

These guidelines require you to eat a designated amount of food at every meal. In order to make this easier for you, this special plate makes it easy to divide your food into different food groups which equal the right amount of food to achieve your goal weight.

Portions Master can also help you learn and practice healthy eating habits and portion control by providing the proper portion sizes for protein, greens and carbohydrates. A balanced diet helps ensure you are consuming the right amount of nutrients needed to maintain your overall health.

Use Portions Master for every meal to:

  • Achieve and maintain your weight loss goals faster

  • Ensure you are eating the proper portion size for weight goal

  • Select healthier food choices. Portions Master is designed to be used with fresh foods rather than prepackaged processed food items.

Remember to keep using Portions Master even when you've reached your desired weight to maintain your weight loss results.

Beef, Chicken, PorkAsparagus, CauliflowerBread, Cereal, Corn
Fish, Seafood, TofuCelery, CucumberCouscous, Fruit
Soy, Eggs, GreekKale, Leek, LettuceNoodles, Rice, Pasta
YogurtSpinach, OnionsPeas, Pita, Plantain
Lentils/LegumesPeppers, Zucchini Potato/Sweet Potato