Mike Caron

Inventor of the Skinny Plate – Portions Master Plate

Growing up, I was what was affectionately known as a gym rat. Playing hockey, soccer, rugby, baseball and later, football and track at a very high level, winning provincial (state equivalent) titles throughout my youth and later even went to Europe to play and coach football at a pro level. Annnnnd then…life happened. In my early 30’s I realized “playtime” was over and I had to get a “real job” and move on with my life. But even though I had a lot of success financially in my “second life” selling RESP’s, I wasn’t happy. And what was even worse was, for the first time in my life, I was out of shape.

The ability to be constantly active like when I was a kid was no longer a reality. I had a life and family and was happy to have 2-3 free hours a week just to relax, let alone hit the gym. I ate well, but I still seemed to gain weight and feel “heavy” and lethargic all the time. And then it hit me!

I was always an entrepreneur masquerading as a 9 to 5 er and I also knew that I was happiest when I was involved in health and wellness. So why not combine my passion for health and the fulfillment I got as a coach, helping people help themselves into my full time life pursuit. And this was the inspiration for Portions Master. I knew I would never be able to be as active as I used to be, but I also knew I still wanted to be healthy and look good. But diets never worked and it was impossible to know what was the right path to take when it came to food because every year it was something different i.e. more carbs less fat, less carbs more protein, less protein more…you get the picture. From Scarsdale to Atkins, I tried them all, but by the time I’d finish reading the book, the newest “superfood” fad had come and gone. But thankfully, good old fashioned common sense never goes out of style. And a few trips abroad also taught me that it was only here in the western world that people were eating like Fred Flintstone. Why were our portion sizes so crazy huge when everywhere else in the world seemed to just fine and, as the numbers would show, waaaay healthier that North Americans? Were our” portion distortion” was necessary or just pure gluttony? I realized that if I wasn’t loading cheesecake and french fries on my plate, that as long as I controlled the portion sizes, I would lose weight and feel better. But eye balling it proved to be unreliable and too easy to cheat. Soooooooo…Well, if you’re already here, you know the rest of the story. But now you also know a little more about me and how a little game changer and life changer like Skinny Plate/ Portions Master came to be.