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Portions Master Physiology 101
Written By Eric Gagnon
Weight loss or weight gain nutrition is quite simple... but it's not easy. Consume less calories than you expend and you will eventually lose weight. Consume more calories than you expend and, like it or not, you will gain weight. This is an expression of the 1st law of turbodynamics and it's not up for debate.

There are several ways to do this. First, let's list those that don't work: "trying", "being careful" and of course starving yourself. The latter works. It actually works great if you don't develop a nutritional deficiency. It's been proven repeatedly that a diet of less than 1500 kcals/day will not provide you with the necessary nutrient. Sure you could add a vitamin/mineral supplements but absorption may be a problem and also you need gram quantities of some minerals. The real problem with starvation method lies in what comes after…If you don't have a rigid game plan you will gain back the weight and then some. What works? Systematically avoiding certain macronutrients works for some, for a while. This means eliminating fats or carbohydrates. The former will lead to a deficiency in essential fatty acids unless supplemented while the latter will not necessitate supplementation provided ample green fibrous vegetables are supplied. Additionally, it is possible to gain weight on a carb-free or fat-free diet…if you eat enough of the remaining nutrients. Calorie counting works as well. Remove 500kcals/day from your current diet and you will lose 1lb per week provided you maintain you caloric expenditure. First you have to accurately determine you current calorie intake and secondly you will have to eat out of a food scale or measuring cup….and with a food calorie table booklet in your back pocket.

The Portions Master is another approach that works. Look at it as a nutritionist-in-a-box. In essence it's a teaching tool. It's consistent use will provide you with the essential knowledge required to eat to lose weight, or gain weight…if that's what you want. "But!", you say, "Won't I need to carry this with me for the rest of my life?". This is where the magic happens! With the Portions Master you will learn what a balance meal looks like. After a few weeks of carefully filling the three compartments of the Portion Master, and releasing it's content in a standard plate, you will gradually be able to “eye ball” the composition of your meal. You will learn to fill your plate without the device. You will have graduated the Portion Master nutrition course, without ever having gone to a class, opening a text book on nutrition, or used a measuring cup, calculator and scale.