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4 Powerful Ways 5 HTP Weight Loss Supplements Help
Written by PM Admin - March 25, 2021

A healthy lifestyle should consist of balanced eating habits and plenty of rest, along with at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Combining these practices together can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.  For some, things like losing weight, controlling blood sugar levels, and mental wellness can be challenging at first.  Additional symptoms such as depression and anxiety can interfere with one’s mindset causing disruptions while developing better habits.

There are ways to address those issues; supplementing with 5-HTP for weight loss can provide numerous benefits that directly impact health goals such as losing weight or maintaining optimal blood sugar levels.  Various clinical studies suggest 5-HTP can help stabilize mood, suppress appetite, and improve sleep. It’s therefore not rare to use 5-HTP for weight loss.

What is 5-HTP?

5-HTP is short for 5-hydroxytryptophan, aka Oxitriptan. It’s produced from the synthesis of L-tryptophan and is a naturally occurring amino acid.  5-HTP supplements are extracted from Griffonia Simplicifolia seed and made available in capsule form. Among the many uses of 5-HTP, using it as a weight-loss supplement and to help control blood sugar levels can be very effective.

Keep reading to discover how 5-HTP can increase weight loss, support mood, improve rest, and help control blood sugar levels.

Can 5-HTP Weight Loss Supplements Help?

5-HTP increases the synthesis of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter found in the central nervous system, gut, skin, tongue, platelets, and other body areas.  Serotonin impacts a person’s entire body. It stabilizes mood and promotes feelings of happiness and wellbeing. It’s also used by brain cells to signal each other. The hormone also helps with eating, digestion, and sleeping.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, and some also consider it a hormone. The body uses it to send messages between nerve cells.  It appears to play a role in mood, emotions, appetite, and digestion. As the precursor for melatonin, it helps regulate sleep-wake cycles and the body clock. –

Low serotonin levels can impact a person’s overall health and significantly reduce their ability to manage their weight with healthy habits such as rest and mental wellness.

benefits of 5-htp weight loss capsules

The Benefits Of 5-HTP Weight Loss Capsules:

Suppressing Appetite

Early clinical studies suggest that oral intake of 5-HTP may help with weight loss. In one study, overweight postmenopausal women who used a mouth spray containing 5-HTP and other natural extracts for 4 weeks showed improved weight loss by about 41 percent.

5-HTP can also be used as an effective weight supplement by those who struggle with obesity.  Participants who took the amino acid supplements reported feeling fuller and less interested in food.

The advantage of 5-HTP compared to other supplements is that it suppresses hunger pangs, leading to less caloric intake. Most weight loss supplements do not suppress the hunger hormone.  The added benefit of reducing calorie intake from carbohydrates can also help keep blood sugar levels from spiking.

Improving Sleep

The importance of a good night’s rest can not be overstated.  Healthy sleep patterns can significantly impact weight loss. It’s a fact; sleep deprivation will negatively impact a person’s health. Studies suggest that as sleeping habits have worsened in America over the last several decades, the average body mass index (BMI) of the average American increased.  Supplementing with 5-HTP can help improve rest, leading to optimum metabolic function and reduced hunger pangs.

In some cases, poor sleep quality resulted in metabolic disorders, increasing weight gain, obesity, and other health issues. Specifically, it’s said, the body is unable to regulate ghrelin and leptin hunger hormones when a person fails to get enough quality sleep. Ghrelin increases hunger pangs, while leptin makes people feel fuller.

In one study, men who sleep for only 4 hours only showed heightened ghrelin levels and reduced leptin levels compared to men who slept for 10 hours. This inefficient regulation of leptin and ghrelin can reduce feelings of fullness, causing tired people to overeat. Also, it has been shown that people who are sleep-deprived tend to prefer carbs and other high-calorie foods, increasing the risk of weight gain.

Because 5-HTP boosts serotonin levels, which the body needs to produce melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone, this important amino acid can help improve sleep.

Reducing Depression & Anxiety

Anyone who has ever tried losing weight while stressed understands how difficult it can be. Stress harms appetite and sleep, two things that play a role in weight gain and blood sugar levels.

When a person is stressed, adrenal glands deposit cortisol and glucose in the blood, leading to an automatic rise in blood glucose level. While this is done to boost energy for fight or flight, cortisol levels remain high after the threat has long passed and the glucose level has gone down. Cortisol increases the craving for sugary stuff. The downside of too much sugar consumption during times of stress is that it gets stored around your abdomen, leading to unwanted belly fat.

Cortisol also slows metabolism significantly, so even if you are not munching sugary and fatty snacks, you’ll still gain weight due to stress. You can use 5-HTP to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Oral intake of 5-HTP has been shown to reduce depression.

Indeed, studies show it works just like antidepressant drugs but without the horrible side effects associated with man-made antidepressant drugs. The amino acid supplement boosts serotonin levels, leading to better mood and feelings of happiness and wellbeing. In most clinical studies, 150-800mg daily doses of 5-HTP were taken orally, though in some other cases, higher amounts were taken.

Decreasing Alcohol Withdrawal

For most people, reducing alcohol intake or completely can be challenging.  However, in some cases, it may be necessary to reduce the risk of cirrhosis, weight gain, and other chronic health problems.

There are four ways too much drinking can lead to weight gain because it’s packed full of calories which the body from ever burning fat stores for energy. Alcohol also increases hunger and could impair making poor food choices. 5-HTP can help individuals to quit drinking easier. It can alleviate migraines, anxiety, lack of sleep, depression, and other horrible symptoms that accompany alcohol withdrawal.

5-HTP Dose For Weight Loss

The appropriate 5-HTP dose for weight loss can vary depending on dietary needs, however, 100 mg is a beneficial amount for most people to start with.  Some guidelines recommend up to 250-300 mg prior to meals to help effect feelings of fullness and aid in weight loss. 

Portions master 5-HTP is pure Griffonia Simplicifolia extract available in 100 mg, 60-capsule bottles for sleep aid, mood booster, appetite suppressant, and other health benefits. It’s a unique, science-backed product to help achieve and support a lean lifestyle.

If you experience side effects from 5-HTP, try reducing the daily dose. Experts recommend starting with a low 50-100mg dose twice a day, then adjusting up as you get used to it.

Interaction With Other Drugs & 5 HTP Caution

When it comes to interaction with other drugs and medications, the clinical studies are limited, and therefore the results are not well known. But keep in mind that 5-HTP does boost serotonin levels and sleep, so it is not safe to combine it with sedatives and prescription medications such as:

  • Cough medicines
  • Pain-relieving medicines
  • Antidepressant medications
  • Ambien, Ativan, Klonopin, and other sleep meds because

It’s also unknown how 5-Htp may interact with pregnancy and is not intended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Portions Master 5-HTP Advantages:

  • All-natural and won’t cause addiction, unlike other weight loss and antidepressant drugs that may contain human-made chemicals leading to undesirable results
  • Suppresses hunger pangs to prevent overeating when you are on a diet
  • Improves sleep quality so you wake up feeling fresh
  • Boosts serotonin levels
  • Improves mood
  • Alleviates migraines

5 htp capsules

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How To Use Portions Master 5-HTP Weight Loss Capsules?

It is always best when using any supplement, including  5 HTP, in correlation with your overall health goals.   Participants in clinical studies have taken anywhere between 150-800 mg of 5-HTP, and in some cases, even larger doses have been used.

5 HTP can be taken orally with rare or very few side effects because it is an amino acid also found in foods, making it safe to ingest.  5 HTP can be taken at bedtime with 8 ounces of water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Portions Master specializes in unique, scientifically validated products and supplements that help achieve and maintain a lean lifestyle. Our focus is to offer quality products and supplements to make it as easy as possible for our customers to improve their health.

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