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How To Use 5 HTP For Sleep & Better Rest

How To Use 5 HTP For Sleep & Better Rest

Posted by PM Admin on Apr-12-21

Are you looking for a herbal supplement to help with your sleep?

One of the most popular solutions is 5 HTP, also known as HTP-5, oxitriptan (INN), or 5-Hydroxytryptophan. The majority of users use 5 HTP for emotional issues such as depression or anxiety, while others use it to induce and improve sleep quality.

However, emotional issues and sleep are closely interlinked. Emotional distress can lead to a lack of sleep. Fortunately, the compound 5 HTP has effects on both moods and sleep.

Below is everything you need to know about using 5 HTP for sleep, including what it is and additional benefits.

What is 5 HTP?

5 HTP is made from the seeds of the plant Griffonia Simplocfolia, which comes from West Africa.  5 HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid that your body synthesizes from L-Tryptophan.  Unfortunately, as you age, the natural 5 HTP levels tend to decline, reiterating the importance of using the 5 HTP supplement for improved moods and sleep.

Also, your body absorbs the essential acid L-Tryptophan from the foods you consume. L-Tryptophan is typically found in diets such as cheese, milk, nuts, egg whites, chicken, lamb, turkey, and superfoods like spirulina and seaweed.

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How Does 5 HTP Work?

It helps your body produce more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates moods and sleep-wake cycles.  Sufficient serotonin levels help induce positive moods and outlooks and improve restful sleep. The neurotransmitter also plays a crucial role in various other body functions, such as appetite and digestion.

Serotonin's relationship with the sleep hormone melatonin is one of the main ways to affect sleep and bio time. Melatonin is produced from serotonin in the presence of darkness. The reason is that melatonin production is triggered in darkness and suppressed by exposure to light.

Sufficient serotonin levels are important for balancing healthy melatonin levels.

5 HTP has the ability to increase serotonin in the body. It supports a neurochemical process that allows improved sleep quality and keeps your body's bio-clock harmonized.

How Much 5-HTP Should I Take For Sleep?

The recommended maximum dosage for 5 HTP varies depending on your reason for taking it. Below are some guidelines to help you know how much 5 HTP you should take.

  • Sleep induction. Take between 100-300 mg of 5 HTP before sleep, approximately 30-45 minutes before.
  • Migraines. Take 100-200 mg twice or thrice daily with meals.
  • Fibromyalgia symptom relief. Take 100 mg 3-4 times daily with meals
  • Mood enhancement. Take 50-150 mg thrice daily with meals.
  • Weight management. Take 250-300 mg, 30 minutes before meals.

Take your 5 HTP dose for sleep according to the supplement's specified instructions or a qualified expert. For dosage on specific issues such as insomnia and anxiety, follow the prescribed instructions.

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Does 5 HTP Make you Sleepy?

It is the most desired effect of the supplement, so it will most likely make you sleepy. 5 HTP is a precursor to serotonin, a precursor to melatonin, which subsequently induces sleep.

Should I take 5 HTP in the Morning or at Night?

Taking 5 HTP supplements depends on your needs. If you are taking it for weight management, you may have to take it before all meals. However, it could potentially defeat the purpose of taking 5 HTP for sleep in the morning, unless you need to sleep during the day.

Taking 5 HTP before bed is one sure way of attaining better sleep and rest. The sleep hormone is mainly produced at night when you are asleep and disrupted by light.

By taking the 5 HTP sleep supplement at night, your brain is highly likely to convert serotonin into melatonin, which improves sleep quality.

Is 5 HTP Safe to Take Daily?

When taken orally as a supplement, 5 HTP is considered safe in clinical studies in doses up to 400 mg daily. The supplement is considered less effective and not safe if taken in large doses. A 5 HTP overdose can spike serotonin levels resulting in undesired side effects like shivering, anxiety, and in severe cases, heart conditions.

Potential Side Effects (Warnings)

It is always best to exercise caution when using 5 HTP. While taking the recommended dose is a sure way of getting the desired benefits, this supplement also comes with its fair share of potential side effects. Some of these are frustrating, especially if self-induced.

Avoid mixing 5 HTP with alcohol. Unfortunately, once alcohol interacts with 5 HTP, it reduces its effectiveness. Therefore, allow at least six hours to go by before taking 5 HTP and consuming alcoholic beverages.

It is recommended to break from taking 5 HTP supplements at least two weeks before any surgery. 5 HTP induces serotonin levels in the brain, and some drugs administered in the course of surgery are likely to affect serotonin.

In case you have an alternative prescription to counter depression or anxiety, avoid taking 5 HTP supplements unless under a doctor's direction. These medications also heighten serotonin levels, and mixing them with 5 HTP can lead to severe side effects, such as anxiety, shivering, and heart problems.

5 HTP Interactions

Always check with your doctor in case you have ongoing medication before using 5 HTP.

The following medicines may interact with 5 HTP;

  • Carbidopa used to treat Parkinson's Disease
  • Dextromethorphan, found in cough medicine
  • Anti-depressants
  • MAOIs
  • Sedatives
  • Pain medications, like Demerol, among others.
  • Herbs and supplements that may interact with 5 HTP include;
  • Yerba mansa
  • Valerian
  • Skullcap
  • St. John's Wort
  • Kava
  • Jamaican dogwood
  • Hops
  • Catnip
  • Calamus
  • California poppy

The effects of 5 HTP interacting with these medications and supplements may include decreased or increased drowsiness and sleepiness. It can also mildly interfere with the effects of the supplements or medication and the condition being treated.

5 HTP is generally used among adults.  Individuals with the following conditions should also consult with their physicians before using 5 HTP;

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Surgery patients
  • Children

Benefits of 5 HTP

5 HTP has positive impacts based on the different uses it has. Below are some of the major benefits of using 5 HTP:

Sleep and Sleep-wake Cycles

Regular, healthy sleep-wake routines and a strong bio clock are among the determining factors for achieving high-quality sleep. Taking 5 HTP before bed is known to shorten the time it takes you to fall asleep and elevate sleep amounts.

A 5 HTP dose for sleep ensures quality rests and sleep cycles. It is also effective in reducing sleep terrors in kids.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

It promotes relaxation while alleviating anxiety and depression. 5 HTP also reduces the risks of panic attacks and panic symptoms. By combating anxiety, depression, and stress, 5 HTP also improves the chances of high-quality sleep.

Appetite Suppression and Weight Control

5 HTP is also beneficial for controlling appetite. Higher serotonin levels are closely linked to reduced appetite. Therefore, 5 HTP maintains your serotonin levels to keep your appetite in check and reduce your cravings for carbs.


This is a condition that mostly combines chronic body pains with sleep challenges. 5 HTP can improve fibromyalgia symptoms such as sleep quality.

Migraines and Headache Pains

5 HTP can help reduce the frequency of migraine headaches and minimize pain from chronic headaches. For some individuals, constant headaches and migraines are the major barriers to quality sleep. Therefore, taking 5 HTP before sleep can help calm headaches and migraines while simultaneously increasing your sleep quality.

Which is the Best 5 HTP Sleep Supplement?

The best 5 HTP sleep supplement should come from all-natural Griffonia Simplicifolia and offer at least 100 mg per serving.  Sleep is an essential part of a healthy, productive, and high-quality lifestyle. It would be best if you had an adequate sleep for normal body functioning.

The Portions Master 5 HTP capsules are designed to serve as a sleep aid. When combined with gamma-aminobutyric(GABA), Portions Master 5 HTP capsules can help you fall asleep faster and for longer.  The supplement is an all-natural solution that enhances mood support, appetite, and healthy sleeping patterns. It increases serotonin levels in your brain to improve mental health.

Portions Master is an industry-leading provider of unique, scientifically proven validated supplements and products that help you live a quality lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of Portions Master 5 HTP?

  • It naturally supports your serotonin levels
  • The supplement relaxes your mind and helps you fall asleep easier
  • You will feel refreshed after a good night's sleep

Portions Master 5 HTP is naturally extracted from the seed of the Griffonia Simplicifolia, an African plant.  It is a chemical by-product of tryptophan and is used to support a positive mood. It provides natural mood support by elevating the serotonin levels without any adverse side effects.

The product is non-GMO and is made in the USA.

Portions Master 5 HTP supplements are not meant for pregnant or lactating mothers, underage kids, or individuals on anti-depressants medication.  To minimize the side effects of taking this supplement, start with 50-100 mg doses twice daily and increase dosage as your body gets used to it.

Final Thoughts

Sleep deprivation is a common challenge among individuals currently. Since people tend to be busy to allocate time and self-induce sleep, 5 HTP comes in handy. Besides improving sleep quality, it also helps with an assortment of emotional imbalances.

Portions Master 5 HTP sleep supplement induces stress-free sleep and acts as a mood booster. If you are having sleeping difficulties, consider consulting with your care provider to see if 5 HTP is a good fit for you.